Introducing Mojo

The AI-powered assistant teacher who provides differentiated, one-on-one support to increase student and teacher success with your district’s ELA curriculum

How Mojo Works

• Supports diverse learners (MLLs, students with IEPs, advanced students) as needed with instruction in more than 50 home languages, read aloud options, graphic organizers, and other high-value learning scaffolds

• Offers targeted writing support for students

• Delivers data reports for teachers on student progress

• Ensures strong pedagogy and content alignment plus student privacy and data security

Technology That Empowers, Not Overwhelms

Mojo empowers educators and students by enhancing teaching and learning experiences, not by replacing them.

Designed for Diversity, Focused on

Mojo addresses diverse learning needs with a focus on pre-teaching, preparing students for collaborative, grade-level learning.

Text-Based Learning

Mojo guides students through text-based courses, enhancing their understanding and engagement with deeper textual meanings.

Intelligent Support Every Step of the Way

As a comprehensive learning companion, Mojo provides personalized support in and out of the classroom, improving both student learning and teacher efficiency.

Beyond Traditional AI: A Targeted, Safe Approach

Coursemojo uses a patent-pending approach to AI applications in education to ensure curriculum alignment, content accuracy, and student privacy.

Your Partner in Educational Excellence

Join us in transforming educational experiences with Mojo, a tool committed to recognizing and nurturing each student's unique potential.

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