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Yehee holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics with a focus on secondary education from the University of Houston. Coming from an immigrant background, Yehee found love and universal beauty for math at a very early age, and she soon knew from the age of 14 that she wanted to teach. Using her skills, the young math wiz promptly started tutoring those struggling in her class. From there, she focused on educating others, working in learning centers such as Kumon and Mathnasium. As she went into university, the bright educator honed her skills in compassion and connecting with others by working as a resident advisor. Here, Yehee also found a necessity that was not being explored by most: online tutoring. Upon graduation, Yehee went into the classroom as a substitute teacher and then full-time teacher, where she soon discovered that her years of online instruction would help her shine through the pandemic. Now you can find her here at Coursemojo doing what she loves most and does best.

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