Our Story

Sometimes the obstacle is the way.

Our Mission

We empower students and teachers by expanding access to high-quality courses for all

Our Story

Coursemojo launched when two companies sharing the same mission (Coursello and Stepmojo) merged.

As the former co-founder and CEO of Achievement First (a charter management organization with 41 schools in three states), Dacia Toll was compelled to co-found Stepmojo after talking with students and alumni. Her students wanted more – more choice, more agency over what they learned, more career exploration and pathways, and more financial literacy. The diversity of student needs and interests seemed impossible to meet in the context of her network's small and medium-sized high schools. However, the disruption of the pandemic and the innovation it necessitated opened the door to new possibilities. As Dacia spoke with peers leading school systems across the country, she recognized an overwhelming shared interest to rethink high school from a wide-range of stakeholders (district and charter, urban and rural, single-site campuses and large comprehensive campuses). She co-founded Stepmojo in 2021 and served as its CEO.

Meanwhile, Eric Westendorf conceived of Coursello after he left LearnZillion, the digital curriculum company he co-founded in 2011.​ When the pandemic struck, Eric saw how much his three children - a high-schooler, middle-schooler, and elementary-schooler - struggled with online learning. But he also saw the possibilities. Hybrid classes, if done thoughtfully and proactively, could provide more students access to a much wider range of high-quality courses. What if districts could unlock this opportunity and use new emerging technologies to "scale the impact" of their staff while also plugging in expert online teachers from across the country? What if they could fill short-term vacancies with ready-to-go hybrid courses while using those courses to pilot an emerging model for something new and different? Eric co-founded Coursello in 2021 and served as its CEO.

Stepmojo and Coursello partnered during their first year before realizing they should become one. In February 2023, their teams joined forces to become Coursemojo.

Our Values

We go for "WOW!"


We leave our egos at the door.


We see obstacles as opportunities.


We use tech to bring out the best in people (not the other way around).

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