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Off-the-Shelf Hybrid Courses

Get started immediately with our hybrid courses
Addressing a teacher shortage? Need to provide CTE or AP classes but don't have the necessary staff? Coursemojo can help address these needs immediately. We provide courses in all of the most popular and critical subject areas. Some of these courses are provided by Coursemojo directly; others are provided by our nationally-recognized course partners like Project Lead The Way (PLTW), nXu, Yaizy, and Formation Ventures.

Training and Guidance

Ensure everyone is working from the same playbook
Coursemojo provides training to Learning Coaches (the facilitator in the classroom overseeing the learning) and Expert Teachers (the online teacher leading instruction). We have developed detailed observation rubrics for both in-person Learning Coaches and Online Instructors. We also support districts and their tech teams in rolling out a thoughtful plan for a high-quality implementation.

Technology Setup

Leverage existing software and hardware while easily integrating new hybrid-enabling tech
Bringing hybrid learning to your district does not have to be rocket science. We take the technology a district already has (like Canvas and Zoom), configure it for hybrid learning, and layer in software like Nearpod and Desmos to ensure maximum student engagement.

Hybrid Course Design

Learn how to design courses that unlock new possibilities for learning
Courses designed for hybrid learning provide students with more opportunities for interaction than traditional classrooms. When designed well, students connect with content, their peers and their teachers more often and across more modalities.

Strategic Support

Address short-term and long-term challenges simultaneously
There is no avoiding the short-term teacher shortage districts face now. Coursemojo can help AND support districts to play offense when it comes to long-term planning. How can districts lay the foundation for sustainable, high-quality models in the future? There's no better time than the present to start answering that question.


Unlike many other edtech solutions, we are powered by educators who have worked at every level in districts and schools. Technology is not a silver bullet but a way of bringing out the best in people addressing important challenges.

Expert Teachers +
Learning Coaches

Expert Teachers (online)

Tap into Coursemojo’s national talent pool of certified, experienced, content-expert teachers. Coursemojo's teachers have an average of 8 years of teaching experience and 60% of our teachers earned a Master’s degree or above. We can also train district teachers how to unlock interactive activities, orchestrate student discussions, and closely track student thinking and learning.

Learning Coaches

Learning Coaches manage the in-person classroom environment without the responsibility of being the content expert. This frees them up to support students with assignment completion, differentiation, classroom management and technology use. Learning Coaches can be full-time teachers who have extra prep periods, teaching assistants, substitute teachers or non-instructional district staff (coaches, coordinators, etc.).

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Coursemojo provides a menu of ready-to-go courses. Some of those courses are provided by Coursemojo directly; others are provided by our nationally-recognized course partners.

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