American Sign Language (ASL) 1 and 2

With an emphasis on Deaf culture, you will develop your receptive and expressive skills to communicate and interact successfully with the Deaf community.
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In this course you will

Obtain a basic understanding of the Deaf culture

Develop the skills necessary to communicate in sign language

Learn about important events in the history of ASL

More about the course

American Sign Language (ASL) 1 and 2 introduce students to the language and culture of Deaf people in the United States. These two courses are designed for students with no or minimal sign language skills to develop basic skills in the use of ASL and knowledge of Deaf culture. The courses will focus on the language and grammar of ASL and Deaf culture and its history and will focus on both expressive and receptive skill-building, with a major emphasis on receptive skills. Students will participate in dialogues and class activities in ASL which highlight facial expression, body language, hand shapes, eye gaze, mouth morphemes, and head movement as it is communicated in the target language, ASL. At times students will participate in interactive classroom activities using the “Voices Off” Policy to ensure ASL immersion.

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