Tulsa Public Schools increases student choice with high-interest electives and addresses critical staffing needs

Read how Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma implemented 10+ new courses across four campuses to maximize student choice and access. Courses include Cybersecurity, Animation, dual credit classes, and expanded world language options.

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We’re really excited about the innovation and the ability to partner in a learning experience that’s helping us design this for our particular context. ... We’re tailoring the model to what we’re seeing. Students have been responding really positively.
Danielle Neves
Instructional Leadership Director

The Challenge

As the largest school district in Oklahoma, Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) is working hard to ensure their students have access to strong, equitable pathways to opportunity. In developing their strategic plan, Tulsa’s leadership held candid conversations with students and families and heard a recurring theme: their students wanted access to more opportunities, especially ones that earned them college credit and career & technical education (CTE) certifications.

As a result, Tulsa Public School’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan aspired to provide “a rich, personalized and real-world ready high school experience,” which they will achieve by offering “high school courses that provide meaningful credits and credentials that help launch a choice-filled adult life.”

The Co-Designed Model

Tulsa Public School’s leadership began conversations with Coursemojo in 2021 and were impressed by the team’s commitment to high-quality experiences, continuous feedback, and deep collaboration. During the spring semester of the 2021-22 school year, Tulsa Public Schools piloted Coursemojo in one high school. Students were able to learn from live, expert online instructors in a range of subjects while the district’s in-person staff members served as “Learning Coaches” who facilitated student engagement and classroom management.

With the success of the initial pilot, Tulsa Public Schools expanded Coursemojo’s across four high schools, with over 500 students electing to take a Coursemojo course in the 2022-23 school year. With Coursemojo, students from multiple campuses are able to take synchronous online courses together while their in-person learning coaches are there for support.

The Results

Tulsa Public Schools now offers more than 10 new, interest-based courses through Coursemojo and have plans to expand the partnership. When counselors ask their students, “What are you interested in?,” they are able to find courses that match each student’s unique interests.

In addition to staffing interest-based courses, Tulsa Public Schools is now also able to fill hard-to-staff areas through Coursemojo, particularly with world languages. One school has multiple classes taking live Spanish classes online, while they also have students across campuses taking American Sign Language.

TPS staff members have also benefited from this innovative teaching model. Learning Coaches are able to observe Coursemojo’s online instructors, who are highly knowledgeable about their content areas, curriculum design and virtual student engagement.

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